Cloudatag Media Manager 1.2.0

Cloudatag Media Manager 1.2.0: Manage photos and videos using tag cloud, map photos. Upload to cloud storage. Cloud Media Storage: The number of photos & videos you can store in Cloud Media Storage is unlimited. You can upload up to 5 GB of video each. High-concurrency cloud transfer protocol and enhanced authentication mechanisms, make cloud storage faster and more secure. * Cloudatag provides a better way to geotag your photos with a geotag cloud, easy to view and locate them on map. * Cloudatag supports streaming playback various video on cloud in raw

Panda Cloud Protection 5.05.00: Cloud Protection for endpoints, email and Internet
Panda Cloud Protection 5.05.00

Cloud Protection? Panda Cloud Protection is a cloud based security solution, delivered in a SaaS model that provides complete protection services for the major threat vectors: endpoint, email and web. Panda Cloud Protection provides uninterrupted security for laptops, desktops , servers, removable devices (etc) with Panda Cloud Office Protection, email with Panda Cloud Email Protection and internet traffic with Panda Cloud Internet Protection. *

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Cloudifile 1.0: Encrypt data, automatically move it to Dropbox, virtualize traditional access
Cloudifile 1.0

cloud storages have become an integral part of our modern lives. Dropbox, as the most popular cloud service available today, was decided to be the first platform to start with. Cloud Labs initial goal was to add a proven security level to Dropbox without affecting its simplicity and efficiency. Thus, Cloudifile was born – a smart tool that combines extra proven security layer and transparent cloud synchronization solution. In spite of it, Cloudifile

cloud encryption tool, dropbox security, cloud storage protection

Cloud Turtle 1.0: Completely FREE Cloud File Explorer: Amazon S3, Nirvanix, Timeline Cloud
Cloud Turtle 1.0

Cloud is a revolutionary Cloud backup solution that brings power and simplicity to cloud backup. In Timeline Cloud, Cloud Turtle allows you to restore your backed up files, search backed up files and folders, stream backed up music and videos (even if encrypted), view all users under your account, view and access all backed up files and folders, and access encrypted files (requires encryption key). To learn more about Timeline Cloud visit: www.TimelineCloud

timeline cloud, video stream, music stream, file explorer, cloud, free, turtle, nirvanix, download

Panda Cloud Antivirus 0.9: First and only free cloud-based antivirus thin-client with less impact on PC per
Panda Cloud Antivirus 0.9

Cloud Antivirus thin-client agent introduces a new philosophy for on-access asynchronous cloud-scanning. It combines local detection technologies with real-time cloud-scanning to maximize results while minimizing resource consumption. This optimized model blocks malicious programs as they attempt to execute, while managing less dangerous operations via non-intrusive background scans. Panda Cloud Antivirus includes local and remote antivirus, anti

thin client, cloud antivirus, free antivirus, virus, freeware, viruses, security, antivirus

TyphoonCloud 1.0: TyphoonCloud mounts your Amazon S3 bucket as a virtual cloud drive.
TyphoonCloud 1.0

Cloud mounts your own Amazon S3 account as a virtual cloud drive on your computer. TyphoonCloud`s implementation of a virtual drive is extremely advanced, supporting on the fly data streams, file caching, random access reads and writes, and custom internal filters to increase speed when browsing via Windows Explorer. TyphoonCloud automatically creates an online access portal served directly from your own S3 account. Online access is password protected

sync, file sharing, virtual cloud drive, online browsing, bucket, virtual drive

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Tag Cloud X-Cart Mod 1.4.5

cloud will generally lead to a collection of items that are associated with that tag. Tag Cloud X-Cart Mod features: ... very easy installation (just copy files and insert small piece of code where tag cloud will appear), step by step installation instruction included ... more then 10 Tag Cloud generation algorithms available out of the box ... 10 visual CSS Templates available out of the box ... custom CSS support (you can customize for your needs

x cart mod, xcart tagcloud, tag cloud module, tagcloud xcart

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